Meg Clarke

CHARACTER NAME:  Margaret (the 5th) “MEG” Catherine Clarke

Age: 15 (DOB February 25, 1950)

Occupation: Laidback slacker, marching band member, high school student

Family members and/or significant others: Thomas Clarke (father), Margaret (the 4th) Scott Clarke (mother), Charles Clarke (Older brother 19 - in the Navy), Philip Clarke (Older brother 18 - freshman at Harvard)

Personality traits: Blunt, clumsy, cool under pressure, treasure hunter

Character history (where is he/she from?): Born and raised in Swampscott

Highest level of education: Sophomore year high school

Physical traits: Blue eyes, long red hair. Medium height and build.

Biggest motivator: Justice, avoiding her mother’s criticism

Biggest fear: Dogs

Things he/she likes: Batman comic books, knitting, books, quiet, Walter Green

Things he/she dislikes: Mary Sue, her mother, playing the clarinet in the marching band