Mary Sue Lawrence

(It’s Mary.)

Character name:  Mary Sue Lawrence

Age: 17 (DOB April 12, 1948)

Occupation: Rising Star, Inspiration to Others

Family members and/or significant others: Mike Lawrence, Evelyn Lawrence (deceased)

Personality traits: Prim, superficial, kind-seeming

Character history (where is he/she from?): Born and raised in Swampscott

Highest level of education: Senior in high school

Physical traits: 5'9, shoulder-length brown hair, pretty in kind of a Liv Tyler in That Thing You Do sort of way

Biggest motivator: Taking care of her dad. Everything hinges on that.

Biggest fear: Being alone.

Things he/she likes: Walter Green, the Beatles!, being right, joining (and leading) clubs

Things he/she dislikes:Meg, Mom being dead, The Rolling Stones, missing school

Mary was born in Swampscott. She is an only child and she had a perfectly idyllic childhood. Her parents were deeply in love and they loved her. When her mom died in 1962, Mary was as heartbroken as her father. They mourned Evelyn together and eventually the days became slightly less dark. When the Beatles broke in America the next year, Mary and Mike were instant fans. Mary suspects Mike plays up his enthusiasm for the moptop sensations, but she doesn't care. They always make sure that they get new Beatles records the day they come out, whether it's a new LP or a new single, and they saw A Hard Day's Night and Help! in the theater on the days they were released. 

Mary values friendship as an asset and a means to an end, though she finds it hard to connect with people. She doesn't have any real friends, per se, since she and Meg had their falling out. Mary is friendly with almost everyone, but has a tough time with names...and faces...unless the person can directly give her a leg up on scholastic success.