Kat DeHaven

Runs fast and hits things hard.

Character name:  Katherine β€œKat” Ophelia DeHaven

Age: 16 ( DOB March 31, 1949) (she's Aries AF)

Occupation: Field hockey midfielder, crew...rower-person (Google was surprisingly unhelpful in figuring out what people are called on a crew boat), high school student

Family members and/or significant others: Father Thomas (English professor at Boston College) and mother Nancy (librarian at Swampscott Public Library); cousin Randall and uncle Ed Macintosh (deceased aunt Katherine was Nancy's sister)

Personality traits: Hot-tempered, impulsive, unobservant unless there's a reason for her to be (for example, she's super observant on the hockey field, but could not tell you what, say, someone in a bike shop was wearing two days ago). Loyal and heroic.

Character history (where is he/she from?): Born in Ft. Hood, TX and lived there until age 11, when she and her parents moved to Swampscott when her father took a position teaching at Boston College (prior to that he taught at Temple College)

Highest level of education: Junior year of high school

Physical traits: 5'9", willowy build, lean muscle; long wavy light brown hair, usually worn braided down her back

Biggest motivator: Winning at sports (career goals include eventually getting a job coaching--she's not great at school so she needs to rely on her sports skills to get her there)

Biggest fear: Heights; not a big fan of creepy-crawlies like bugs/spiders/snakes and will typically smash them on sight before she knows she's doing it

Things he/she likes: Winning at sports, field hockey, running, rowing, hitting things with her field hockey stick (things like field hockey balls, but she will soon discover she also likes hitting Baddies). Peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Blueberries. The color red. Drawing/painting.

Things he/she dislikes: Her middle name. Losing at sports. Mushrooms. School, especially chemistry. Blisters.

Katherine Ophelia DeHaven was born on March 31, 1949, and grew up in Fort Hood, TX. When Kat was 11, her father took a job teaching English at Boston College, and the family moved to Swampscott.

While not academically inclined due to a combination of general disinterest, extreme inattention to detail, and mild dyslexia making schoolwork into more of a chore than it might be otherwise, Kat has proven herself to be a gifted athlete. She is a star midfielder for the Swampscott High School field hockey team, and also rows crew. She is a cussin' fast runner and her arm and back muscles are ridiculous.