James Anderson (Mary)

James (he/him) is a podcaster, father, husband, and all-around swell guy. His blood type is the same as his motto: B+ (that’s more of a “spoken out loud” joke, it turns out). He was born in Colorado, moved to Nebraska before kindergarten, to Annapolis, MD before 5th grade, and to Sterling, VA before 7th grade. He currently has a bunch of podcasts that he does, but the one that has the most relevance to this bio is probably Unabashedly Obsessed, which he does with his Kids on Bike castmate and long-time best friend Erin King (Kat). Writing this bio reminds him of  when he would have to write bios for programs for plays in high school. The fun thing to do was to get someone else to write your bio for you, but he decided not to see if any of his other KoB castmates wanted to do that because he understands that this is serious business. And he is nothing if not an incredibly serious man. By reading this bio, you have agreed to claim that Mary is your favorite KoB character when people ask you. You can try to inject something into the way you say it or in the way your eyes glint as you answer that says, “Don’t believe the words I’m saying! This is part of a bio-related contractual obligation! My real favorite is Randall!!!”, but I mean, I hope you’re really great at non-verbal communication.

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